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Cosmetology Apprenticeship

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Our Cosmetology Apprenticeship program is a cornerstone of Genesis Hair & Day Spa. We have always had apprentices on staff and many of our service providers started their careers as an apprentice including our managers!

Getting Started

All apprentice candidates are responsible for completing the application process and paperwork for working with us in tandem with enrolling in an approved cosmetology school. They are expected to comply with the Department of Safety and Professional Services rules and regulations surrounding the apprenticeship program. A cosmetology apprenticeship requires 288 training hours at a school and 3,712 hours of practical training at a salon like ours. Training must be at least 32 hours per week and be completed in not less than 2 or more than 4 years.

Hands-On Approach

Here's a glimpse of our apprenticeship experience! Tania sets aside one-on-one time with apprentices, like Emma here, to work with them on hair services then Sarah will work with them on nail and skin services. After they spend time on mannequins and models, we open their books for those services! We've already noticed how quickly Emma picks things up and are excited to continue to watch how they blossom as a Cosmetologist!

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